Art Of Hair
Divisions of the head; Top, Crown, Nape, Left & Right sides, are the precursors & basis to all haircuts (and Designs). Consequently, all 5 sections must be considered and understood in order to create the appropriate haircut for each individual client. A haircut or style translates to; the arrangement of lengths across the curve of the head, which is directly influenced by the curvature of one’s head and the 5 sections of the head. You should automatically begin to visualize these 5 basic sections of the head with each and every client you’re working on.

Expert stylists are more than aware of the 5 basic sections of the head and the importance of subdividing them into ‘smaller sub-sections’ when giving a haircut, or style (even a chemical service) which cannot be stressed enough in order to create the perfect design that complements one’s head shape, facial features & proportions.

Note: Even the graphics used (in this program) are proportionally different, as will be the case with clients, no two heads are the same, get comfortable working on different head shapes & proportions, as well as, different hair types & textures!
Each of these 5 sections of the head need to be taken into consideration (on an individual basis) to the design or haircut desired, as they vary in size, proportion and shape, per the individual.
The stylist must to know how to work within each section, and how to; sub-divide & blend from section to section, across (and in relation to) the curve of the head. Further, creating a hairstyle that suits one’s “particular” needs is relative to their; hair type, texture, density, growth patterns, hairline,
(see Chapter 5) and the length desired. All are applicable to one’s specific head/facial shape & proportions.
A good example of how head shape affects the hair cut is; A flat “Crown Area” in a shorter layered haircut, especially when volume is required for the style. The length arrangement will then need to be calculated, adjusting for the lack of curve in the bone structure of the Crown Area. The finishing technique (many times) can correct this, however, if cut too short it can be a disastrous result!

Allowing a bit more length in the crown area compensates for the lack of curve in the bone structure. This technique can be applied in many other aspects of haircutting. E.g., Leaving length in a weak hairline, or in thinning area’s wherever they may be on the head.
With each individual we encounter areas of concern, that if not taken into consideration can and will affect our finished design either positively or negatively…

Make it you mission to know these areas and make each experience a positive one for each and every guest! After all, it’s our job to make the guest look their absolute best! 


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