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Seven Sins Hair Care A labor of LOVE ‘with a touch of SIN’ Seven Sins™ Seven Sins™ all began when it became evident that I was Sinply using (only) 7 products (without even realizing it) to maintain my high-profile clientele.

 The most interesting factor, discovering there are Sinply “7” categories of haircare products, rather inspiring to say the least! Seven Sins™ has SINplified how haircare “systems” can (and will) be designed and presented to the stylist & consumer in a way that was never (before) thought of. An innovative industry first! -JMZ 

Founded by world-renowned hairstylist John Michael Zucco with the purpose of SINplicity (ease of product selection & usage) along with complete functionality, was a stroke of genius! Seven Sins™ ©2011 

The categories. Treatments: Shampoo & Conditioner Styling/Finishing: Pre-styler, Matte, Satin, Shine, & Fixatives. 

This all began when JMZ realized he had to acquire various products from various vendors, to service his high-profile clients. This inspired JMZ to create a haircare system that SINplified product selection & choice! Removing ‘the void’ and Sinplifying (what was once) a difficult choice for both the stylist & consumer. Creating an exclusive haircare system is the genesis of Seven Sins™ 

Not willing to compromise on any details “JMZ” set out to locate the purest of ingredients "superior in quality" which required that he sought out one of the best chemists in the business. Then working tirelessly hand in hand (over many months) establishing the products formulations. 

The next step, applying skincare technology for added treatment benefits to the products, the outcome was astounding! More than just a haircare system, Seven Sins™ is a way of life... 

We all Sin and we all have Virtues! An innovative first in haircare, Seven Sins has SINplified product selection & choice, with superior ingredients & customized “Inimitable” formulations. SINply put, there’s never been anything like it! We all know, healthy hair is "Sexy" hair! Seven Sins™ ©2011 

Seven Sins™ established itself as the superlative newbie, raising the bar in haircare, with a haircare system so innovative and relevant to everyone who wants their hair to be revered! The “Zeitgeist” {Age of the Time = Age of the Spirit} has been redefined, no longer will our passions be limited to the presumptions of conventional standards! 

Seven Sins™ redefining the standards of the past, aligning them to the future! The "Lust" Collection (while functional and safe for all hair types & textures) focuses on hard to manage dry-frizzy hair that's in need of serious protection & repair while maintaining functionality! Seven Sins™ remains committed to continued growth with future hair care systems and education for hair stylists & consumers in every conceivable way. 

The “LUST” Collection from Seven Sins™ is solemn, with the purest of ingredients and proven inimitable formulations! The “LUST” Collection; safe for all hair types; Color, Keratin, and Chemically Treated hair. Welcome to the revelation that is.... Seven Sins. -JMZ 

7 products = 7 Categories = Seven Sins™ Sin vs Virtue, for every SIN there is a VIRTUE! Top-ranked, reviewed, & rated! Made in the USA!

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